Generate an iOS push certificate

New: We recently released a tool to automate this process!

Simply follow the directions on this page then skip to step 3.4.

1. Create Certificate

1.1 Open Keychain Access on your Mac OS X system.

1.2 Select "Keychain Access">"Certificate Assistant">"Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority..."

1.3 Select the "Save to disk" option and enter your information in the required fields.

2. Enable Push Notifications and apply Cert

2.1 Select your app from the Apple's Developer site and press Edit

2.2 Scroll down to the bottom and enable Push Notifications and press "Create Certificate..." in either Development or Production.

Here's the difference between each kind of certificate:

** Sandbox Push Certificate (Also known as Development) - For sending push notifications to a development version of your app that was built with an Apple Development provisioning profile.

** Production Push Certificate - For production builds that are submitted to the app store built with an Apple "App Store" provisioning profile, or for testing push notifications in an Ad-Hoc build built with an Apple "Ad Hoc" provisioning profile.

Basically, you will want to start with a Sandbox (Development) Push Certificate when developing or updating your app. Then before submitting your app built it with an "Ad Hoc" Provisioning Profile and Production Push Certificate and make sure it receives push notifications. Finally, when submitting your app continue using the production push certificate.

2.3 Press Continue

2.4 Press "Choose File..", Select the certSigingRequest you saved in step 1 and press open, and last press Generate.

2.5 Press Download

3. Creating Private Key

3.1 Open the cer file you download in the last step by double clicking on it in Finder.

3.2 After a few seconds the "Keychain Access" program should pop up. Select Login>Keys then right click on your key in the list and select Export

3.3 Give the file a unique name and after you press save you have an option of protecting the file with a password. If you add a password you need to enter this same password on GameThrive.

3.4 In GameThrive go to Application Settings and press Configure to the right of Apple.

3.5 Select the .p12 you exported along with a password if you added one. Select Production or Sandbox depending on what you selected on Apples's site and press Save.

4. Provisioning Profiles

4.1 If you already had provisioning profile before you enabled push notifications on your app on apple's site you will need to follow these steps.

4.2 On the left to go to All>Provisioning Profiles. Next find any that belong to your app and delete them. (If you already see "Push Notifications" in the Enabled Services then you do not have to do this.)

4.3 After you have delete them recreate the ones you need like normal by pressing the "+" button on the upper right.

GameThrive is now setup to push out notifications to your app. Next, install the GameThrive SDK in your app.

Last updated on June 4, 2014