Generate a GCM push notification key

1. Create a project at for your game.

1.1 Copy the "Project Number" from this page. You will need to enter this into your game later when you follow the SDK guide.

2. Under APIs & auth>APIs, turn on "Google Cloud Messaging for Android".

3. Under APIs & auth>Credentials, Click "CREATE NEW KEY".

4. Select "Server key"

5. Press the Create button. (IMPORTANT: Do NOT enter anything in the box.)

6. Your "API Key" on this page is what needs to be copied into GameThrive.

7. In GameThrive select "Application Settings" then press the Configure button to the right of "Google Play".

8. Paste your Google API Key from step 6 in here and press Save.

Configuration to send Android push notifications is complete. The next setup is setting up the SDK with your game.

Last updated on October 2, 2014